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... a friend and employee of mine ... brought me a package of your
House blend and a package of the Secret Fajita Marinade. They
are both great. I marinaded some carne asada with the Fajita Marinade
and Corona. WOW it was great! I'm looking forward to trying the rest
of your spice blends and the garlic butter. I just order the Sampler
Pack looking forward to receiving it.

  1. Sharbonda, AZ
I just received the package. I've been going through smelling each
one, trying to decide what I want for dinner. The Salzburg Shrimp
looks wonderful, and the Crab Stuffed Potatoes are going to be
perfect for the holiday dinner party. I can see already I'm going to need more Deliciously Garlic. Between my five children, who absolutely
love the garlic bread, and the weekly dinner parties, I will go through that
very quickly. Look for my next Deliciously Garlic order very soon.
thanks for the recipes, can't wait to try them all.

  1. Sharbonda, AZ
I bought some spice from the local stores and saw this website on
the back. I saw the leave feedback form and couldn't leave without
dropping a quick note. Your spice has breathed new life into my food
and I cannot use anything else, no other spice on the market can
compare. I'm glad to see a website as well, this way I can tell all my
friends and family out of town about you! Great job on the spice and
internet presence.

  1. Vasquez, CA
I just wanted to compliment such a great website! I'm trying to put
together an order soon and absolutely think your site is incredible.
It is different from everything I've seen and love it! I'll be spreading
the word.

  1. Macnamara, CA
I met you ... a few weeks ago at your first demo... I purchased the
"Special House Blend" and absolutely LOVE IT! I use it on
EVERYTHING. You were right, the packets fill up a spice jar
so it makes it easy to use. I'm ready to venture out and try some more...
Good luck and more success.

  1. Turton, CA
Hi, Met you at ... some time back. Bought and tried your "Deliciously
Garlic"packet. Are you selling ... over the website only? Would like to
be able to get from the store (convenience). My husband and I both
love this blend on our veggies. Thanks.

  1. Schwartz, CA